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Irobot Braava Jet Mopping Robots - Which is the BEST? - 240 vs 380t vs M6

Xiaomi Mi Home will install on Homey shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter and be on top-of-mind about new Homey features, exclusive offers and more.

Login Your cart Let's get shopping! Browse store. Xiaomi does not officialy support controlling these devices from outside the Mi Home app.

This means that additional steps are needed for pairing these devices with Homey that require technical knowledge. Also be aware that Xiaomi can make changes to it's eco system at any time resulting in Homey not being able to control these devices anymore. There are no restrictions on the number of connected Zigbee devices, since you can have multiple Mi Gateway devices and distribute all Zigbee devices between them.

When you connect more than 20 devices directly to Homey, some problems and delays may occur. All scripts are processed, especially in Homey, without using Xiaomi servers. When connecting Xiaomi, there is no need to delete them also from the Mihome application.

Yeelights are now supported through a dedicated app available in the app store. Please migrate your Yeelights to the new Yeelight app. Please visit the support topic for supported devices, installation instructions and further details.

What's new in v3. Supported devices Philips Lights. Philips Eyecare Lamp. Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaners. Mi Air Purifiers. Mi Humidifier v1. Mi Humidifier v2. Mi Power Plug. Mi Power Strip. ZhiMi Mi Fan. Dmaker Mi Fan. Mi Motion Sensor. Aqara Motion Sensor. Mi Magnet Sensor. Aqara Magnet Sensor.Used under License. Twin cameras revolutionize your robot vacuuming experience, adding advanced features and bringing more peace of mind than ever before. Suction is stronger for a deeper clean. And an electronic water tank makes mopping smarter and more customizable.

roborock homey

Roborock S6 MaxV takes home robotics to another level of intelligence. Using dual cameras, S6 MaxV not only sees obstacles in its path. It accurately estimates their location and size and reroutes its course around them. All in the blink of an eye. Equipped with infrared imaging, it can also see in the dark.

It has been trained on tens of thousands of real-world images, so it can recognize and avoid common home hazards that may trip up other robots.

From stray shoes to pedestals, to cables, and more. Even pet waste. Object recognition accuracy will vary due to environmental factors. Depth perception means S6 MaxV avoids more than what it recognizes.

Any object — down to as small as 5cm 2in wide and 3cm 1. Ideal for busy homes. Objects must be between cm tall, and wider than 5cm. When it comes to a camera in the home, privacy and security are critical. Every image ReactiveAI processes is captured and deleted in an instant. See what obstacles are on your floors with icons 2 placed directly onto the screen. Viewed along with the route map, what S6 MaxV has seen and the routes it has taken is instantly clear. Showing you any problems that need your attention and surprises lying in wait.

The strongest fan in a Roborock vacuum takes a bow. S6 MaxV locates them all without you needing to open the Roborock app. Click in the ml SnapMop TM system to unlock a suite of advanced mopping features.

Roborock Support

Set room-specific mopping schedules. Tailor water flow by room.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Use one of these methods to obtain the device token for devices that hide their tokens after setup in the Mi Home App like the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with firmware 3. This is usually the case for most Mi Home devices.

The latest versions of the Mi Home smartphone app dont hold the token anymore so before you begin with any of these methods you will need to install an older version of the smartphone app. Version 5. Android users can find older version of the app here. This method will only work when you install the Mi Home app version v5.

You can find it here. It looks like Xiaomi made a mistake in this app version where the log file written to internal memory exposes the device tokens of your Xiaomi miio devices. The author of the miIO Device Library which is used by this Homey app has also created a nodejs command line tool for retrieving device tokens. Please follow the steps in these instructions to retrieve the token for the supported miio devices. Be aware that some devices hide their token after the device has been setup in the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Mi Home

Retrieving tokens for these devices will not work with this method but require method 3. During setup of Mi Home devices the device tokens an be retrieved by sending a ping command to the device. This method uses a tool called Packet Sender which you will need to download. Choose the portable version which does not require installation. While running this you have to listen with Wireshark or tcpdump for UDP packages sent as anser by the robot.

Extract the last 16 bytes of the answer and convert them to a 32 characters hexadecimal string using xxd -p. In some devices, like "Mi Home Security Camera " and maybe othersyou are able to access the filesystem of the device using telnet. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub. Learn more. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.Whether you choose the motion tracking navigation E series or the LiDAR S series, you get precision navigation praised by media around the world. Built from premium materials and precision-engineered, every product gives you the ultimate cleaning experience.

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Complete app control for robots, including advanced scheduling, suction power, and No-go Zone control without accessories. HEPA and E11 rated filters remove allergens from floors and surfaces giving you a more comfortable home. Suction power is tailored for purpose, giving deep cleaning strength to our cordless, and long runtimes to our robots.

Getting cleanup started is as easy as plugging in, charging up, and pushing a button. Robot Vacuums Intelligent. Learn more. Cordless Stick Vacuum Long-Lasting. Introducing S6 MaxV. S6 MaxV. Recognizes and avoids obstacles. Truly worry-free robot vacuuming. Power to pull dirt and allergens from carpets.

Smart mopping. Schedule mopping with water flow tailored by room. The Roborock Advantage. What Our Users Say. It seems to work fine on it which is good to see!

You interrupt my nap And it's pure coincidence i do nap near you. Subscription Get updates on sales specials and more. Follow Us We want to hear from you.Buy Now. That is, until now. The S6 MaxV is the first robot vac available with poop-avoidance technology—our term, not theirs. Roborock developed ReactiveAI Obstacle Avoidance to be able to identify pet accidents and navigate around them.

It accomplished this with machine learning, employing thousands of reference photos and two on-board cameras that continually capture images, enabling the vacuum to ID pet waste and other common obstacles, then respond appropriately. This novel technology required us to come up with new test protocols—we had to simulate different types of pet poop. For the nugget-shaped variety, we used a cigar cut into segments, and we employed off-the-shelf, novelty rubber poop to look like a softer, potentially messier variety.

We placed both types in the same room, in different locations, and in separate vacuuming sessions. And we repeated the tests, changing the locations of the pet accident. The S6 MaxV was impressive, and surprising—in each case, it correctly identified the faux poop and avoided it. When we referred to the accompanying app, an icon appeared showing the location on the map.

If you do turn on the setting so that photos of any obstacles are sent to the app on your phone, an individual image is saved and transferred to the cloud. Otherwise, all photos are processed on the fly locally within the vacuum and then deleted without being saved anywhere.

In low-light or dark areas, it uses infrared imaging as well.

Roborock’s S6 MaxV is the Pet Owner’s Robot Vacuum

Together, the two create sophisticated maps that help the unit find the most efficient patterns to vacuum a room. While vacuuming in our test rooms, we were able to watch via the app as the vacuum identified walls and obstacles like furniture, doorways, and smaller items left on the floor. Once started, the S6 MaxV began to sweep through the room in an organized fashion, building a map as it goes. Every time it sweeps through a room, it refines the map—it was interesting see it get more efficient with subsequent cleanings, making fewer adjustments and probing actions in turns and around furniture.

For regular vacuum performance, sans simulated pet accidents, we ran the S6 MaxV in three 8 x 8-foot corrals: one with carpet, one with laminate flooring, and one with bare concrete containing a chair, a Christmas tree, and a doormat.

For different types and sizes of dirt and debris, we spread five grams of flour, five grams of sawdust, 15 grams of rice, and 20 grams of kidney beans in each area. We found the methodical pattern in which it sweeps back and forth across a room reassuring, giving us confidence it would cover the entire area.

On the low-pile carpet, it picked up the debris in 17 minutes. Moving to the laminate floor, it was done a little quicker and docked in about 11 minutes. There was just a little flour and sawdust remaining in one spot—we started the vacuum again and it picked up everything left. We should note that on hard floors, the side brush, which is used to reach into corners, may hit and scatter certain types of debris. In the final concrete area, the S6 MaxV did well with the obstacles.

Where other units pushed the chair, this vacuum was a little more delicate, circling the legs while picking up nearly all of the sawdust we sprinkled around it. Likewise, it avoided bumping into the Christmas tree, carefully navigating around the stand.

Overall the S6 MaxV took longer in this area, about 50 minutes, but it did a careful, thorough job. The S6 MaxV was just as methodical mopping as it was vacuuming. The suction still ran as it mopped, so that there was less dirt to mop up.

In this test we tracked muddy footprints across our 8 x 8-foot laminate floor and then let them dry.

roborock homey

We filled the water tank on the robot vac and set it out to mop the room. It took multiple passes on its own before it docked, and while the task may have been a bit extreme, there was no trace of the mud on the floor when it was finished.

We found it easy enough to pair the app with the vacuum to take advantage of a host of useful features. There are five suction modes and four settings for how much water to use when mopping.

You can use the Roborock app to create cleaning schedules, store maps for up to four floors of your home, set which rooms are cleaned first, and set and identify no-go zones for vacuuming and mopping. We also found you can use the app as a remote control to operate the vacuum manually, or to direct to a specific place to spot clean.

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roborock homey

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roborock homey

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